No Fix = No Pay on Macbook Repairs

You have nothing to lose – First, we diagnose the problem then you authorize repair with up-front pricing. If our proposed remedy fails – You owe us nothing. If I fail to repair your board in an economically viable win-win way: I can STILL help you pick a replacement board (from ebay, for instance) – you purchase, have it drop-shipped to me and I install it for $100. That should be the lowest cost you can find for such a service. I do not want my business model to be based on board replacement. There are already a slew of such shops in town trying to retire in the Bahamas off of that simple service. I just happen to have a relatively unique blend of electronics skills and enough business savvy and ethics that I hope I can do good enough sticking to the repair work. I ask a VERY low price for my repair work. Why? Maybe I just hate a certain trillion dollar company’s repair-thwarting tactics?

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