One thought on “lovelyC64

  1. The breadbox Commodore 64 originally came to me in a sad and unloved condition. I gave it a total recap. I gave it a new Ray Carlsen power supply. I gave it a new SID chip. I gave it Jiffy DOS mod. I made an S-Video cable fir it. (Here, I use my old Micomsoft XRGB2+ video upscan converter to display on this old VGA monitor. A CRT looks WAY better than an LCD display.)

    My Commodore 1541 floppy drive; It would NOT calibrate! I set a perfect speed. I set stepper head stop with feeler guage. I TOTALLY disassembled, cleaned and lubed all mechanicals. I tried and tried to set stepper motor alignment. This remained some matter of dark sorcery to me. I tried this with three different available software apps for ALPS 1541 alignment. I aint got the TIME for this stuff!

    I bought another refurbished and freshly calibrated drive – I had already invested in pulling and checking and verifying all components on circuit board, I soldered parallel flux nibbler mod, I had installed Jiffy DOS mod on my original drive’s circuit board / case…

    Drive shown has original case and circuit board, retaining my mods…and newly refurbed unit’s drive mechanicals. Together – they made a perfect Commodore 1541 ALPS floppy dive.

    Included with this C64 is; 2 GORF cartridges. A Final Cartridge III. A Magic Voice module. A user port parallel cable. A DB25-to-IEC Serial cable. Three IEC serial cables. One IEEE488 GPIB cable for original PET drives. A Zoom Floppy card. A 64NIC+ card. A uIEC2SD w/ daughter card, flashed with hundreds of games / apps. Three joy sticks. RF cable. NEW power supply made by Ray Carlsen. Over 50 floppies (over 20 of them still new in box, original cellophane still undisturbed.)

    If there’s some nutcase out there that would love this thing more than I have – they are welcome to make me a reasonable offer and take it all. (please).


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