A Snap-On tool box sound bar gets TOTALLY re-engineered.

This is what my customer’s Snap-On tool box sound bar originally looked like when he brought it to me. Just that IT DIDN’T WORK ANY MORE! Had am/fm, I think it took mp3 USB input or something. I just didn’t get excited over these ‘features’…

“Could I fix it?” HA!



Raspberry Pi mounted to back of 7″ touch screen display. Notice white wire: this is external Wifi / Bluetooth antenna lead. You may notice that I saw fit to give the raspberry Pi a dual fan heatsink mod. The display is attached to the stainless steel with 3M 300LSE adhesive. Audio now handled by a small 50W+50W amplifier circuit. Original I/O ports replaced by powered 4 port USB 3.0 hub, Raspberry Pi’s bluetooth & wifi. Has 19VDC power supply for audio board, two 5.2VDC 2.5 Amp power supplies; one for Raspberry Pi and screen, the other for the USB hub. No more dead proprietary boards. All open-source, all now made practically limitless.

Raspberry Pi Modded


Raspberry Pi does not come with means of attaching external antenna. From a scrap laptop I found this connector on it’s wireless card. I soldered connector onto raspberry Pi, added a 40 ga. jumper and sliced existing on-board wireless antenna trace (to right of connector).


The red stuff is corona dope. The board is shiny from acrylic conformal coating.

I use scrap laptop WiFi antenna…this gets routed out of stainless steel enclosure.


Right before buttoning everything up to hand back to customer. This thing is sweet.

Email. Web browsing. Facebook. MP3’s. streaming radio stations. VLC. Video game emulators, RTL SDR…

A really nice keyboard w/ trackpad, touchscreen…now THAT is “fixed”.