Macbook Repair

We’re OPEN – Noon > late

Milwaukee area’s ONLY Apple Product repair shop that offers;

Advanced board-level diagnostics and in-house microsoldering at the component level.

Fast affordable in-house repair – instead of just expensive replacement.

Stock of needed repair parts – IC chips, connectors, components, etc. Well, most of them.

Average turn-around depends on many variables. Could be same day, may need to wait for part from China.

This is where the fan’s air needs to flow and it’s clogged with lint. No, it’s not a heat sink filter. This is about average buildup for a MacBook that makes it here.
Spilled your half-caff soy latte’ on your MacBook? In NO time – we’ll have that purdy as all get-up.
Here’s COMBINED lint and …I think this one smelled like grape soda.

No fix = No pay.

90 day Warranty on our labor.

Most macbook logic board failures can be remedied for a very agreeable price;

  • liquid damage – Depending on how heavy the corrosion, model of macbook, need for replacement parts; $70 for easiest out-of chassis fix to $400 for the worst case, newer model, more difficult to repair
  • battery not charging – $240-$275 average for most models
  • magsafe adapter not lighting up properly – $240 average for pre-2015 models, $300 + on newer macbooks
  • You hear chime, nothing on display or no backlight – $150 to $300, depending on model
  • it does nothing at all – $150 – $350
  • Nice discount on work done if you bring technician a sandwich.

If your macbook boots, you see it loading fine, then it hangs, it reboots – or it reboots with console spam – this is fixed easily enough for $175-$240 usually. Back up all your data people! If you have your data backed-up This service is simplified at $140 flat rate usually (If you don’t need a new SSD/HDD)

What we do:

  •  We ask you if you want full repair or just your data retrieved. We help determine if repair is the economically viable measure.
  • We ask you some questions – clues about history / damage. Verify / identify nature of complaint / problem. Narrow down cause / effect / scope and nature of issue.
  • Visual inspection under microscope, check voltages, waveforms, etc. This almost always narrows-down the culprit.
  • Thermal camera inspection – verify or aid in more quickly identifying culprit. (The more evidence, the better).
  • We FIX your logic board by replacing / repairing damaged copper traces / pads, remedying any burned / shorted areas of the logic board. replacing any bad discreet components, IC’s, connectors, etc.
  • We test the board and run through battery of diagnostics.
  • We solvent wash, scrub, sometimes ultrasonic clean your board and cover repair area in protective shield of conformal coat (if sensible) which helps protect it from any future liquid spill corrosion damage.
  • We reassemble your macbook and run diagnostics / tests. We then call you with the good news.
  • We ask you for money. Or cold beer.
As good as new.