Whiteclaw + Macbook Pro!

“Well. It sounded good at the time!” – I bet she was thinking. Usual corrosion on SSD and main board. Not much of a problem. We’ve done this before. But look at that ribbon cable for the 2-MIC Connector! The trace for the 3.3 volt rail was badly corroded. DeOxID and fiberglas brush left no copper remaining on that trace on the right by the time pitted / corroded gremlins were removed. Fascinating.


I got a fix for this!


A dab’ll do ya. First, I scrape back some of the ribbon cable’s black plastic insulation, exposing good copper trace. Bridge across missing trace gap area.wet-silver

Here’s the wet silver paint. Applied 110C for 10 minutes. Let set for a few hours. Clean up a little. This Macbook needs much more diagnostics and work to make it right again. Will update as progress is made. This one’s pickin’ on me!

UPDATE: Battery was damaged and causing last remaining issue. Replaced battery and all was 100% perfect and has now worked well past warranty period at least.