TV Repair

If your LCD / LED TV screen is cracked; throw it away.

If you can “just get a new one for $300” –  That’s probably best. I’ll take it off your hands, thank you.

If you carry it into a shop that says that upon you picking your TV back up – they’ll need you to pay a $70 “diagnostic fee”…”that goes toward the repair anyway”. – what’s the word we’re looking for? “Bamboozled” comes to mind.

When they finally call you and claim they’ve diagnosed it and the repair estimate is almost $400…they know you’ll just go out and get a new TV. They now wait the 60 days or 90 days – and it “becomes their property – considered abandoned” – as written on their job ticket – because who is going to pay $70 for a broken TV after no gain?

They now swap-in the $13 or $45 board or $30 power supply board repair / rebuild kit that the TV needed and have NO problem sleeping at night after watching it in THEIR living room. Or – hey, let’s see what I can get for it on…




Yup. Just like that. How about instead, we try honest straight-forward win-win business transactions? Like…maybe no-fix = no-pay, no traps, no games, no loaded “diagnostic fees”? I don’t need to try to retire in the Bahamas off of your TV repair. If I don’t fix it for what we agree on; no loss. I’m in the electronics REPAIR business. Let’s do that, huh?