iPhone-iPad Repair

An almost completely irrepairable iPhone 6S and a very greedy mean spiteful treacherous tactic in a Motorola Moto Z Droid


Two can play THAT game, Motorola! This customer of yours needed his pictures from his European cruise. Your choice to bury the connections under EPOXY on his flimsy charge port backfired. I fixed it FREE OF CHARGE in exchange for him telling everyone he can about your treachery. You told him that his pictures don’t matter. Many people are going to have the same feelings toward Motorola now. Enjoy that little money-grubbing smug feeling you got from pulling this stunt – while it lasts Motorola. I’m spreading the word about this in every spare moment I have.


This iPhone 6S was dropped off here by another repair shop. Completely ruined and dead from sea water corrosion. It wasn’t charging it’s battery. It had ruined it’s battery. All was dead. Their customer has his phone back with everything on it, working like nothing had ever happened to it. WITH a new battery and a new lease on life. Happy smiley faces everywhere.

We want WINS. We want repairable devices. We want happy smiling faces. Imagine how it makes ME feel when I can repair your device and see your smile. That’s what I work for here.


iPhone dead? iPad backlight fail? $150 – $200 fixes most.

Will solder up iPad Pro display ribbon cable for you; $60 (a very finicky job!)