Game Console Repair

XBOX one liquid damage – $70 fix or no pay

PS4 HDMI port replacement – $70 fix or no pay

Totally mod and rebuild an import PC Engine Duo RX incl. cdrom, caps, RGB, etc; You pay for parts, I do work for $150. Even rehab those old controllers so button press is perfect like new every time again.

Any game console in need of total refurbishment – working or not – we love to bring them back to day one, even NES 72 pin cartridge connector, clean up that browning of the plastics that happened over time…RGB mods, regional mods, rebuild of laser, remedy jailbars, build custom A/V cables, etc. Better than new! Never throw away an old Game console. The are probably good for at least some PARTS for someone else’s console-in-need. There’s great demand for some of these things if YOU don’t want it. If you ever once loved it – you will again…some day.