It’s ELECTRONICS repair. The LAST thing it needs is “Apple Certification”!

“Buy  a new one – you lose your data – that’s what you get for not paying for iCloud!”

  • Wait a minute! A Trillion dollar business can’t make a supposedly “better” product at least a LITTLE bit water resistant? – No. But they CAN invest BILLIONS of dollars into the R&D required to actually ROUTE the liquid spill onto the part of the circuitry where it can cause the most irreparable damage!
  • I applied power to a dead macbook logic board. Power off, power on…thermal camera shows these sneaky capacitors here to be the culprit. Power supply:

  • PS
  • The capacitors that have failed and shorted straight to ground. I gave them 3 amps of current at 12.6VDC to get them to expose themselves to thermal imaging.
  • theculprit
  • WildTrollAppears
  • BonQuiqui
  • phfft
  • yup)
  • But what about all that other stuff?! – All them OTHER components obviously damaged by corrosion? Isn’t THAT why Apple prefers replacement of the entire board, rather than trust some partial repair? YES! You get what you pay for! Sometimes, though – you pay more for what you get – (Apple)  – while other times – you get more than what you pay for – (like this!).
  • Here’s what really matters to most of us:
  • it…works now.

  • Sure, I replaced those capacitors and some other concerning tidbits here and there. Cleaned up the board, made it how I would want my own board! And I warranty my work. But this particular board had very widespread corrosion damage. You’d have to pay me to sit here for MONTHS on-end, replacing them all! Am I really just being Sgt. Schultz about this other damage, left sitting there like some time bomb?
  • Schutz
  • Most corrosion damage does not manifest itself into a short-circuit to ground. Some of it: we will never notice! It’s a chance THIS customer was willing to take – at THIS price-point. I ultrasonic clean and solvent / CLR scrub and fiberglas etch all corrosion I find. I always repair the areas of the circuit that took damage, beyond what it takes to just get it running. Within economic viability.
  • We will establish and agree on the economically viable price-point for your repair. More work for more money. We establish a cap – what the most you would be willing to pay to get your Macbook working again, good as new or just working. The amount of damage to the board and the cost of replacement of the board and the value *to you* of this Macbook – working again are determining factors here. My repairs average 1/3rd to 1/2 the cost of replacement elsewhere. (I install some used ebay replacement board for $100 if I fail to fix it, no-fix = no-pay!) I average about 90% repair rate. I have averaged less than 2% returns. I try to make this a win/win = where my customers are genuinely happy with the experience.